Whole Food Vitamin C

Whole Food Vitamin C

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Bioavailable Whole Food Vitamin C proprietory blend

180 capsules | 750mg each

Pure – contains no preservatives, fillers, or flow agents

Whole Food Vitamin C is a proprietary blend of wild harvested indigenous baobab fruit and organic rosehips that provides a 100% natural, whole food vitamin C. This potent, highly bioavailable form of vitamin C is EXPLODING with anti-oxidants and health supporting phytonutrients, free from synthetic ascorbic acid. It is non-acidic and naturally pure and whole – immune supportive and healing, like nature intended.

A powerful anti-oxidant and rich source of bioavailable copper

Assists detoxing of pesticides and chemicals

Chelates heavy metals

Aids in activation of fat transporting molecule, carnitine

Assists in manufacture of adrenaline and cortisol

Regulator of cholesterol levels

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