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I am A Rooted Mama

A Rooted Mama

Healing Skincare

Small batch skincare using herbs and nourishing oils.

Essential Oil Rollers

CPTG Essential Oil Rollers using only the best ingredients for targeted relief and bringing balance to your physical and emotional health.

Immune Boosting Wellness

We have amazing Immune Boosters available in the online store!

Herbal Tinctures

Small batch herbal tinctures made using only the best medicinal herbs. The result is a potent remedy.

Client Testimonials

Since receiving my goodies my life has been transformed. I no longer suffer from Migraines. I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back.


I am in love with my Moonshine Botanicals DIY Elderberry Kit! It was so easy to make, smells amazing, and I know exactly what is in it. I got my kids involved when making it and now they ask for their 5ml every morning. I highly recommend this kit!


I have been quite ill this year and it is now the second time that I've had a dreadful cough, it seems to go straight to my chest. I tried the Cold and Flu Tincture in with the Sinus Tincture as my head was sore etc. I was so impressed as I woke up the following morning feeling so much better and instead of my cough lingering for 3 weeks it was just a week with the tincture. Really impressed.



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