Soaring Free Potent Plants Acai Berry

Soaring Free Potent Plants Acai Berry

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77g Powder, freeze dried, organic


Açaí is an anti-ageing, antioxidant, multivitamin beauty berry from South America. These berries are known as ‘nature’s purple gold’ in indigenous cultures for their vitalising health benefits. Açaí gets its deep purple colour from anthocyanins, which act as powerful antioxidants to reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. Rich in antioxidant vitamin E and healthy fat Omegas, açaí also promotes healthy looking skin.

• MINIMISES FREE RADICALS - with an ORAC value of +5000 per 1 tsp, it has 5x more antioxidants than raw cacao and 30x more antioxidants than goji berries)
• YOUTHFUL SKIN - high in vitamin E to lessen the ageing effects of oxidative stress
• ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE - polyphenol content reduces muscle damage to improve recovery
• BRAIN BOOSTING - anthocyanins improve memory & blood flow
• HEART SUPPORT - cardiovascular support from anthocyanins, fibre & healthy fats
• ANTICANCER - anthocyanins induce cancer cell death
• SUPER NUTRIENT SOURCE - supplies a multitude of nutrients such as EFAs, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and phytonutrients, especially anthocyanins, as well as vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre.
• IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATIONS - lowers the risk of blood clots
• LOW IN SUGARS - contains small amounts of natural sugars found in berries, and absolutely no added refined sugar

Ingredients: 100% açaí berry powder (freeze-dried, organic)

This is a specially sourced FREEZE-DRIED powder. This means that all the nutrition remains potent. Açaí products that are pasteurised have diminished potency due to the heat-sensitive elements being destroyed. We don't add sweeteners which can be found in acai powders as maltodextrin which makes it more palatable.

Recommended use:
Maintenance does is 1 teaspoon measure (5g) per day
Medicinal: 1 teaspoon measure (5g) 4 x per day