DIY Elderberry Syrup Refill Kit

DIY Elderberry Syrup Refill Kit

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1 Kit 

Ingredients and Benefits:

This kit is all you need to make Elderberry Syrup.


Herbs needed for the syrup – including elderberries and echinacea root for an extra potent extract

500ml amber bottle for storage of your syrup.

The only extra thing you will need is a cup of raw honey.

This antiviral syrup is immune building and a potent addition to your flu kit. Safe for adults and children to take. It makes 500ml syrup

This syrup will be potent, made in your own kitchen with no funny preservatives and safe for the whole family – it is also good value for money and requires no fancy equipment.

Time to get your DIY on and start building immune systems!

Refill available makes 500ml syrup.